We are a savvy firm and talent agency that works with advertisers, publishers, content creators and other partners strategically and efficiently.

Collaborating with different brands and talents, TS Media aims to create quality contents and targeted digital campaigns by focusing on awareness, activation and retention.

What We Do


Content Production

Producing high quality contents for any platform from YouTube, Television, OTT, Mobile Streaming and Social Media Contents.


Creative Services​

Through our creative storytelling and using our various digital channels, we help brands create a market and product education to help build audience trust.


Digital Strategist​

Helping brands create brand awareness, brand recall and activation through strategic marketing campaings using our existing platforms and social media networks.


Talent Management​

Connecting brands to a variety of talents for marketing campaigns executions through production and social media, ensuring all marketing communications are reaching the right audiences and segments.

We look forward to working with you.

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